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Our scales

If you are a Formula One enthusiast and wish to bring the excitement of races directly into your collection, the scaled-down models are the perfect solution. We produce three different scales: 1:43, 1:18, and 1:12, each offering a unique level of detail and precision.

1:43 Scale: "Magic at Your Fingertips"

The 1:43 scale is ideal for limited spaces without compromising the richness of details, "magic at your fingertips." These models capture the essence of Formula One cars in a compact format. Despite the reduced size, each car is a meticulously crafted masterpiece. Photo-etched metal suspensions, fabric seats, and exceptionally detailed packaging aim to provide collectors not only with a faithful reproduction but also with a product that can be admired from an artistic perspective. The 1:43 scale is perfect for starting your collection and appreciating the beauty of Formula One cars without the need for extensive display space.

1:18 Scale: "The Balance" between Detail and Size

If you desire a more imposing and detailed representation, the 1:18 scale is the ideal choice. These models offer a broader view of the car's details, allowing you to admire aerodynamic elements, mechanical details, and body finishes with greater clarity. The 1:18 scale is the perfect compromise, "the balance" between size and details, making each model a work of art to proudly display in your collection.

1:12 Scale: "Elegance and Realism"

If you're seeking maximum visual impact and uncompromised details, the 1:12 scale is what you need. These models are true engineering masterpieces, reproducing Formula One cars with extraordinary realism. Every element is replicated with extreme precision, from fabric or leather seats and engine cable connections to carbon decals on the wings, chassis, and cockpit of 80s/90s cars, to riveted panels on 50s/60s cars, and hundreds of photo-etched screws in the car body. Nothing is left to chance, even the leather used for the base on which the model is displayed has been carefully selected. The 1:12 scale is perfect for those who want an imposing and impressive representation of the iconic Formula One cars, in summary, "elegance and realism." Choose the scale that best fits your preferences and available space, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of scaled-down Formula One cars. Each model tells a unique story of speed, technology, and design, bringing the excitement of races directly into your hands.