Ferrari 625

Ferrari 625

by Luca Dal Monte

Yet another transitional Ferrari single-seater. A car that participates in two editions of the Formula 1 World Championship but is accompanied by another model – the 553F1 Squalo – in the first and replaced midway by the 555F1 in the second. This indicates a technical struggle that Ferrari faced during those years and a team in difficulty against a Mercedes that dominated all others and temporarily changed the rules of the game.

The 625 is the natural evolution of the 500 F2 that, with Alberto Ascari, won the 1952 and 1953 world titles. However, great attention is paid to the overall aerodynamics of the car. The rear suspension arms are now fully streamlined, and the nose is pushed downwards in an attempt to improve aerodynamic penetration.

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Froilan Gonzalez: The Argentine driver brings the 625 to its first victory in the 1954 British Grand Prix at the same Silverstone circuit where, four years earlier, he took Ferrari’s first historic Formula 1 victory. Also in 1954, he finishes second on the podium at the Nürburgring and in Bremgarten. Gonzalez scores another second place in the 1955 Argentine Grand Prix.

Mike Hawthorn: Three second places at Silverstone, the Nürburgring, and Monza, but no wins for the English driver at the wheel of the 625 in the 1954 season alone. The second place in the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring circuit is shared with Gonzalez, which was allowed by the regulations at the time.

Maurice Trintignant: The French driver achieves two podium finishes in the 1954 season, but above all, a historic victory in Monaco in 1955. With this triumph, Trintignant – uncle of the famous actor Jean-Louis Trintignant – becomes the first French driver to win a Formula 1 race.

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The inline 4-cylinder engine with twin overhead camshafts is a close relative of the world championship-winning engine with Ascari, with a displacement increased to 2498 cc. However, in practice, the 625 does not have the expected power. So, over the course of the two seasons of use, Ferrari technicians work repeatedly on the engine, even using components from other Ferrari cars, and increasing the maximum power from 230 to 245 hp.

Overall, however, the 625 performs decently. In two seasons where the Mercedes W196R dominates the field, the Maranello single-seater wins two Grand Prix races and secures second place on the podium five times and third place once.

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