Brabham BT24

Brabham BT24

by Luca Dal Monte

Despite being the natural evolution of the previous models, Ron Tauranac designs the Brabham BT24 based on the Formula 2 BT23. The BT24 is actually created to accommodate the new Repco 740 8-cylinder engine, a completely new power unit, unlike the previous ones, not based on Oldsmobile units, but designed entirely by Repco.

The distribution is single overhead camshaft with chain drive and bucket tappets, with two parallel valves per cylinder. The exhausts exit from the cylinder heads in the area facing towards the center of the V formed by the two cylinder banks. The tubular chassis consists of a lattice of tubes. Suspensions, brakes, wheels, and gearbox are all different from the previous model to cope with the new Repco engine.

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Jack Brabham: The reigning world champion has no intention of abdicating, especially not to his teammate, and fights tooth and nail. With the BT24, Black Jack secures victory in the 1967 French and Canadian Grand Prix and three second places at the Nürburgring, Monza, and Mexico City. But it won’t be enough. Brabham finishes second in the World Championship standings, just five points behind Denny Hulme.

Denny Hulme: The 1967 season is the one in which the tenacious New Zealander clinches his one and only, but well-deserved, world championship title. With the BT24, Hulme wins only one race, the German Grand Prix. However, thanks to three second places in France, Britain, and Canada, and two third places at Watkins Glen and Mexico City, added to the victory in the Monaco Grand Prix driving the BT20, at the end of the season he is the new world champion.

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The BT24 is a particularly lightweight and compact single-seater, but when it debuts in the practice sessions of the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix, on the same day that Colin Chapman first puts his Lotus 49 on track, the Brabham almost seems to belong to a different, previous, era. However, it will be just as fast as the Lotus 49 and much more reliable – at least in this season. Denny Hulme and Jack Brabham will be world champion and runner-up respectively. And the BT24 will give Brabham its second Constructors’ World Championship title.

The BT24 will also compete in the first races of the 1968 season, always with Brabham and Hulme at the wheel. Then it will be solely in the hands of private drivers who purchased them from Tauranac and Brabham – at that time, in addition to direct racing activity, Brabham builds and sells sports cars for various racing categories.

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