Tyrrell 006

Tyrrell 006

by Luca Dal Monte

The 006 is the first car from the then still young Tyrrell Team to be built in more than one unit – three, to be precise. Until this moment, the numerical designation of each car built by Ken Tyrrell’s team simply represented the progressive number of units produced.

The unit of the 006 model with which Jackie Stewart clinches his third and final world championship title is the second to be produced (006/2, built in 1973). The first unit (006/1, built in 1972) is entrusted to teammate Francois Cevert. By the way, Stewart participates in the first two races of the 1973 season – and wins his first race of the year – behind the wheel of the previous year’s 005 model.

The design of the Tyrrell 006 is by Derek Gardner and effectively represents the evolution of the previous model. A very traditional car in technical choices, it is powered by the 8-cylinder Ford-Cosworth engine and features the well-tested Hewland gearbox. Fast enough, the 006 has reliability as its winning card.

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Jackie Stewart: “The Tyrrell 006 was a short-wheelbase car, difficult to drive but very fast. With that car, I won five races in 1973 and my third and final world title,” said Jackie Stewart. “I should have also won the British Grand Prix if it hadn’t been for a gearbox issue. The engineers and mechanics who worked with me at the Tyrrell team that season were absolutely fantastic.” With five victories in the season, Stewart sets a new record of 27 individual wins in Formula 1. He retires at the end of the season after competing in 99 Grand Prix races.

Francois Cevert: The 1973 season for the French driver is of the highest profile. In a season dominated by Fittipaldi’s and Peterson’s Lotus 72 and by his teammate, François finishes second six times and third once. At the end of the season, he ranks fourth in the World Championship standings. In Stewart and Ken Tyrrell’s plans, Cevert is destined to be the new number one of the team. But he dies during the qualifying session of the last race of the year.

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At first sight, it doesn’t seem like a particularly aerodynamic car. The rear wing is very pronounced, and the air scoop above the driver’s head is one of the bulkiest ever seen in Formula 1. But this air intake, as massive as it may seem, is also one of the first to play a truly functional role in cooling the engine.

The Tyrrell 006 competes in 22 Grand Prix races spread over three seasons – 1972, 1973, and 1974. It secures the top step of the podium five times, all in 1973 and always with Stewart. Three pole positions and two fastest laps. Drivers’ World Champion in ’73.

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